High Powered Shock Ozone machine and a Deodorizer

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Louis Sumerlin asked 8 years ago

What is the Difference Between a High Powered Shock Ozone machine and a Deodorizer?

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Team Ozone Staff answered 8 years ago

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Our Machines are like a chainsaw compared to a hand saw when it comes to raw output and real power. Many cutesy little ozone generators costing between $100- and $800 dollars are sold for deodorizing and killing mold. Some will even get the job done, that is, if you have days and days to run them. The problem is, ozone damage or ozone degradation, is more of a factor of time or duration of exposure than volume or concentration. This means that running that tiny little machine for days on end will actually do more damage to stuff than high concentration bursts for short durations which are more lethal to biological organisms and organic gasses. These are known as high ozone shock treatments. These powerful machines will kill mold spores viruses bacteria and much more! They literally destroy and erase odors! WATCH TESTIMONIALS
Disclaimer: *Warning folks, this statement has not been evaluated by a laboratory or gov’t agency it is strictly our opinion and those of our customers based on real world feedback and years of using and testing our competitor’s machines in our ozone test chamber using Eco-Sensors calibrated and certified ozone testing equipment visit:http://www.ecosensors.com/
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