Will Bio3blaster Ozone Generators Kill Mold?

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Barbara Pierce asked 8 years ago

Does ozone kill mold? Is it capable of killing molds, bacteria and eliminating odors?

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Team Ozone Staff answered 8 years ago

ABSOLUTELY…. Ozone kills viruses bacteria mold and even more importantly mold and bacterial spores on virtually any surface that it comes in contact with and in the air itself. That being said they are not a a substitute for proper mold remediation they are however an absolutely necessary part of the process, if you want to perform a proper mold remediaton. What many other ozone generator web sites want you to believe is that if you have mold you just turn on the ozone machine and POOF! The mold is gone! Unfortunately curing a mold problem permanently is more complex than that. First it is essential to remove the water source. Then you need to “cut out the cancer”. Next you still need to “kill the roots of the mold”. If you have a mold problem make sure to check out my essential All Natural Do-It-Yourself Mold Removal System.

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