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David Gagner asked 7 years ago

I understand that the time to ozone shock a ho.e depends greatly on how large the home is. My question concerns how long after the treatment does it take for a home to be safe for a family to return after the treatment. 
If for argument sake the home takes three hours for treatment, what ways would one use to clear the ozone out of the home quickly and efficiently and how long would that take?
The reason I ask is that residents can only be out of the home so long before it becomes a deterrent on whether they would consider getting the work done. The longer it takes the less likely they would consider the work to be done. 

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Team Ozone Staff answered 7 years ago

It is always a good idea to wait 2-3 three hours in order for the ozone to naturally degrade. The alternative is to use a high powered fan or multiple fans. First suck the ozone out by placing in a door or window facing outward for 15-20 minutes and then reversing the orientation inward to blow in fresh air. Be sure to crack a window or door on the opposite side of the home or apt. in order to allow intake air. In real time with this method we can watch an ozone meter, go down to zero in 30 minutes or less. As with treatment times there are many variables that can affect the equations. How many square feet? how many CFMs is the blower? What is the humidity? Temp? etc.
Hopes this helps…please call for further information.

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