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Becky Laws asked 7 years ago

Just purchased  your mold kit. Ive watched videos but still unsure of ozone machine. Do I put it in the crawl space or leave machine outside and put hose inside? How long should I run it in the final step? crawl space is 1000\\\’ x average 4\\\’ high. since this model has intake and output side by side should I always use the hose to keep machine from sucking the ozone back in machine?

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Team Ozone Staff answered 7 years ago

Dear Becky, On the home page at http://www.ozonegenerator20000.com click on the ozone science and info tab. Next click on the how to use and care tab, this contains many videos, of how to use the ozone machine. I would put the entire machine inside using 1 or 2 fans to create additional circulation. It will not hurt the machine to run, without the hose or for the ozone to circulate through the machine. I would run for 6-8 hours to entirely break down all of the secondary metabolites, MVOC\’s and mycotoxins, as well as degrading the beta glucan proteins that can create an allergenic response in humans.

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