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  1. Team Ozone

    Interview With Ken Rohla @Fresh And Alive

    Interview with Ken Rohla. We discuss about affordable nontoxic mold and mildew removal using commercial grade shock ozone treatment. The science of mold and mildew removal from buildings, carpet, and vehicles; odor elimination; water purification; insect control; detoxifying/ disinfecting fruit and vegetables; and elimination of off-gassing of new materials in...

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This video critically compares traditional saltwater pools with the innovative...
Discover the groundbreaking effects of Naneau Water technology on a...
15:44 (440)219-1606 Naneau Nanobubble Oxygen Chemical-Free Swimming Pool System not...
This Practitioner achieved this result using NanoTherapy Bath by following...
Did You Know That Swimming In A Chlorinated Pool Is...
Introducing The Only Whole House Filtering, Softening, Structural , BioFilm...
wholehousewaterfilter #drinkingwater #bestwaterfilter #healthydrinkingwater Are you aware of what's really...
Join us as we dive into the features and capabilities...

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