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G asked 5 years ago

Is it required to get rid of the source with these machines? If fried foods..oil residue on kitchen cabinets and appliances as well as surfaces then Sterling XT PRO Cannon? Same with smoke odor? The ozone comes after having to wipe down surfaces? I\’m afraid of popcorn ceilings. I don\’t know how to tackle that situation. Also is there a guide for how long to run the ozone for a given space before you may run into ozone burn?I want to kill the odors not create a new

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Team Ozone Staff answered 5 years ago

Dear G,
If the source is a dead body, rodent, human, possum or raccoon, then yes remove the source. In restaurants the oils and foods do not need to be removed. We have a large national Italian restaurant chain that uses our ozone machines to solve their odor issues every night.

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