Ozone Burn?

G asked 5 years ago

Curious to know…These machines look awesome now. They have from what I see incredible blowers and high ouput milligrams on almost all of them. If you want to get rid of cigarette smoke or marijuana smoke odor. The Sterling XT PRO Cannon would be sucking the same air if placed in the home. How do you avoid this “Ozone Burn?” Then would you have a guide on how long to run a machine for XXXX amount of sq foot home? Sounds like the machine has to be outside pumping air in. Or near a window, what if it’s a 2 story home?
I can only afford 1 Machine at the moment. How can I get this job done?

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Team Ozone Staff answered 5 years ago

Dear G,
All of our machines come with an owners manual and sq ft chart. Generally if you dont run the machine longer than the owners manual says and in an area smaller than recommended, lingering ozone smell will not be an issue.

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