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G asked 5 years ago

Where I’m at…Lots of 9′ 10′ ceilings and some homes with higher ceilings some 20′. Although I am concentrating my efforts at apartments/apartment homes. if the idea is to get the ozone high up and let it drop naturally. This Sterling XT PRO Cannon which seems awfully nice, looks like I have to prop it up some how. It seems to me that it would shoot forcefully in one direction leaving just above it and behind it untreated. Or is it best to get one that shoots ozone vertically upward instead? If so how can you treat a home with one unit? Positioned in central location or move it from room to room/area?

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Team Ozone Staff answered 5 years ago

Dear G,

For high ceilings the answer is simple, use one of our vertical tornado models.

In service,

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