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Frank Greenhill asked 6 years ago

I have 2 apartments that filled with burnt food smoke and the odor has persited after a professional deoderization treatment. The apartments are separate and each  are approx. 500-600 sq ft., sharing common duct work. One of the units has carpets and a few pieces of funiture (couch, matress, chair) that require treatment. Additionally, I am hoping to remove the odor from clothing. I plan on treating the units individually. A few questions: 1. Which unit would you recommend?, 2. Does clothing need to be treated individually, or will the room treatment suffice?, 3. Approximately how long should I treat each 500-600 sq ft apartment with the recommended ozone generator?, 4. Does the mg/h output decrease as oxygen levels drop and ozone level rise?, and 5. What is an appropriate “air out” time before re-entry? Thank you very much.

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Team Ozone Staff answered 5 years ago

Dear Frank,
I would use the Sterling XT Pro 20, 30,40, or 50 K models.
Clothing can be hung on a clothesline but make sure to leave 2-3 inches in between to allow the ozone to circulate in between the clothing items. Be sure to use circulating fans. I would run the machine for 5-6 hours minimum. See the frequently asked questions to get the answer to your question about ozone output. The appropriate air out time is 2-3 hours. You are welcome!

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