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Caleb asked 4 years ago

I treated a room that was probably around 100sq/ft by running a 30k cannon for only 15 minutes and now the room and everything in the room has a very strong nasty odor. I forgot to leave the window open during treatment, but would that really be bad enough of a mistake to cause such a bad smell in just 15 minutes? Its been a day and the odor is still very noticeable. Would this be an issue of too high of a concentration of ozone that caused certain materials in the room to oxidize and put off their own odors, or would this be a case of ozone burn? After letting it air out a bit, some materials smell much stronger than others. It makes me worried to treat other rooms not knowing if the same issue will occur. I want to create a business out of this, but do not want to risk leaving someones house with such a strong/potent smell. 

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Team Ozone Staff answered 4 years ago

First of all you should have opened the window. Secondly this is not an ozone burn but likely an incomplete oxidization that was done for too short a period of time and started to degrade synthetics in the room. I would crack the window and run the machine for an hour. This should solve the issue then air out for several hours.

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